God Made a Covenant with Man

Genesis 1:27-28 is a cultural covenant as well as a mandate. Every book in the Bible talks about managing the earth and the kings. It is all about stewardship, stewarding the earth. God said that we should be the light and salt of the world. Therefore, our ministry is not reserved for Sunday; on Monday, we should concentrate on how to take dominion in the earth. The Church has to get involved in community engagement, and we need to make an impact in the marketplace. Let us review the cultural mandates described in the six steps:

Marriage: This is the basic foundation for all culture and civilization. Children: We are called to have many children, raising up the next generation. Multiply: We are called to multiple or reproduce, and then consecrate our children and teach them to become holy. This occurs in a generational context. Replenish: We need to fill the earth by excelling in every work field in order to establish God’s dominion.

Subdue: We must take back the Earth from the enemy and take control.

Dominion: We are called to have influence in society.


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